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little love notes

Today I’m feeling grouchy and uninspired.  No reason in particular. Just a ton of to-do lists and not much motivation.  I decided cleaning my desk off would be a good start.  As I was cleaning, I found these sweet little love notes from my daughter. I have hundreds of these from her that I’ve saved over the years.Then I found this paper clip my younger son bent into the shape of a heart for me.  From a twelve year old boy, it’s as good as a love note!

Then I saw this little love note from my husband that I had taped onto the bottom of my computer screen.Nothing from my sixteen year old son.  The fact that he still says I love you  in front of his friends when I’m dropping them at the golf course is the greatest love note he could ever give me.

Leave someone a little love note today.  It might turn their day around!

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  1. Lisa #

    Ahhhh, how sweet! What a way to ‘cheer up’.
    ~ Lisa ~
    P.S. – We need to arrange for me to pick up my mirror. I finish work early on Friday (noon) so how about sometime before 1:00? Let me know.

    September 21, 2010
  2. Wanda Haskins #

    Just three simple words but oh so powerful. Love is the best gift of all.

    September 21, 2010

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