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Restoration Hardware knockoff mirror

I love the Mansard mirror from Restoration Hardware:

The suh-weet architectural detailing, the awesome oval shape, the deliciousness of the rustic wood.

It’s totally speaking my language!

But it is not speaking to my wallet!

It’s $395 for the large mirror…on sale for $315. Uh, nope. Still not inexpensive enough for this bargain hunter.

Enter HomeSense…Canada’s version of Home Goods/TJ Maxx…my home away from home. Second only to Pottery Barn.

I found this honey of a Restoration knockoff mirror there yesterday for a mere $99. Less than a THIRD of the RH price!

Still not uber-thrifty, but it spoke to me.

It said, “Hey lady…you know you want me.”

Once I made sure it was the mirror talking and not the guy stocking the shelves,  I loaded that baby into my cart. 😉

Can’t you just picture it gracing the walls of a farmhouse?

Maybe someday!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

I’m looking forward to meeting bloggy friends live and in person at the Maple & Magnolia sale tomorrow!

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  1. karen #

    sweeeeeet find Susan! lucky you! absolutely love it AND Restoration Hardware. been wondering if my kitchen cabinets can be sanded down (they are reg oak, not so cool looking now) to be the same ol wood look like this mirror? surely?? any ideas? would look great in my home, decor w/the old and new together!

    April 8, 2011
  2. Patricia #


    Are you slowly becoming a hoarder? I guess not if you are having a garage sale tomorrow – have fun and make lots of room for new stuff to share with us.

    April 8, 2011
  3. That’s too funny! I was going to let you know. I am in love with that clock! You always do such a wonderful job, I just had to share you!

    April 8, 2011

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