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birthday banner winners

Hi there everybody. What a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for all for sharing your most memorable birthdays with me. That was such a gift.

Most were happy, some were funny,  many were heart-warming and a few were just heart-wrenching. I wasn’t prepared for that.  I think that sometimes sharing your stories (even it it’s only with cyber-friends) can be cathartic. At least I hope so. I’m glad that you felt comfortable to share it with me.

Now for the fun stuff…

I was so moved by all of the wonderful comments that I had to make another run to Tattered Tiques for more banners. I’ve been keeping Anne very busy!

It was so hard to choose, but  here are three that really touched my heart.


My 52nd birthday is one I will never forget. It was only a few months after hurricane Katrina had flooded our home and my husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. His sister was living with us to take care of him during the day while I went to work. Without my knowledge she invited family and my closest friends to help celebrate my birthday. It turned out to be an evening of healing and sharing. Old hurt feelings were put aside and a renewed appreciation of life and our blessings were felt by all. Despite all our troubles, it was the most love filled birthday I have ever had.


For my 34th birthday my husband was going to be in Dundee Scotland for a conference on mining law. (I know, exciting right?) He invited me to come along and my mother practically grabbed up the children in her arms and pushed me out the door with her foot. She really insisted I go along. So we were in Dundee and we wanted to eat at a little castle. We got in a cab with a colorful, wonderful driver who took us all the way out to the castle. The castle which only does one dinner seating and refused to accommodate us. They guy told us there’s another beautiful place a little ways away. We agreed to have him drive us. We got to Murrayshall and they graciously accepted us. We sat for a while in their gorgeous waiting room and they took us to the grand dining room. The only other patrons in the dining room that night were a group who had just golfed on the beautiful course. They were jovial, the three or four couples. They played the grand piano in the room and sang. What a lovely thing to get to witness! We had a beautiful red haired waitress, a young girl named Katherine, who had commented on my ring and earrings. The earrings, by the way, had been a birthday gift given earlier that day, during a much, much less fortunate meal. The presentation had actually been interrupted, mid-way, by the lady running the conference, who barged right over to our table for two like the proverbial bull in a china shop. When she arrived at our table, practically panting, she apologized for interrupting what was obviously an intimate moment… and proceeded to do just that! Anyway, back to the graceful, elegant situation we find ourselves in just hours later, at Murrayshall. The friendly group playing the piano has somehow included us in their fun. While we are still seated at our own table, they’ve managed to make us feel like a welcome part of their group. Before I knew it someone (The waitress? My husband?) had let them know it was my birthday. The next notes out of the piano were, of course, “Happy Birthday” with a happy group wholeheartedly singing along. So that, my friend, is the story of one of the most memorable birthdays I have ever had.


My most memorable birthday was my 30th. I had always said I wanted 3 kids before I turned 30 and I was due with #3 the day after my 30th. BUT, I had high blood pressure and they had to induce me on the 1st of the month instead of the 20th. :) Yay for me! Little did I know how big of a blessing that would become. 4 days later my dad died suddenly. It was the most bitter sweet time of my life. I was very close to my dad. The day he died we had some uninterrupted time at the beach holding new baby (which would have never happened had I gone on time) and talking really deep, really meaningful, sharing and mutual love. It was such a gift to me. We just didn’t know what to do with ourselves for a bit and then a mere 2 weeks later I was turning 30. Again bitter sweet. My mom gave me a bottle of Old Spice for my birthday. It was my dads smell. He wore that my whole life. I still have the bottle and every now and then I open it and go in for a hug. I miss him every day. That little baby carries his name and his love for all things cars, just like his grampa…and he’s now a new teenager. It’s my oldest son who looks just like my dad as a young man. It’s pretty amazing. Tears come at night, but joy comes in the morning. I live there, in that joy spot and I celebrate every birthday loving my dad and staying in joy.

Rosemary, Tammigirl, and Samantha…please email me at with your addresses so I can get your beautiful banners in the mail to you.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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  1. Thank you! I am going to email you right away! I just love the nice muted colors in these banners.

    August 6, 2011
  2. I’m so honored. Thanks so much for such a sweet gift. Blessings!

    August 7, 2011
  3. I love those banners! I have a big stack of vintage fabric samples that belonged to my Great Aunt. I always wanted to make a keepsake with them…I might just be able to do a banner of my own!

    Happy Birthday…I also have an August birthday, turning 40 tomorrow. Did I just say that? I am going to be 40, oh it sounds so different. I hope it is an amazing time in my life, I just find myself feeling a little…old?

    I have also wanted to do my first giveaway…and I love your idea of the birthday stories. Hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

    August 7, 2011
  4. I know your blog is a .com so not sure if you can do this, but I would love it if you could add google friend connect to your blog so I could follow you. I know I can subscribe, but right now I read all my blogs on my Blogger dashboard by following. I love your blog and all your wonderful projects/decorating!! 🙂

    August 7, 2011
    • Hi Lisa…I’ve tried but it was very complicated. I’m not tech savvy in the least. Sorry!

      August 7, 2011
      • Oh bummer! I’m not tech savy either. I’ll keep visiting you from my bookmarked pages. 🙂

        August 7, 2011

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