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Austin day two

Today the boys played golf and Hannah and I did a little shopping down on South Congress Ave. This area is filled with cool, kitschy shops.

Rubber chicken purse, anyone?

We headed into Allens Boots.

I’ve never seen so many boots in one location. Aisle after aisle of boots.

I loved this pair so much but the were $600! A little a lot out of the budget.

Next, we headed to Uncommon Objects

I would show you photos, but they didn’t allow them. They had lots of rules. And high prices. They did have really cool and unusual stuff though. I bought a couple of tiny things but nothing exciting enough to share.

After all that shopping we went a few doors down to Guero’s Taco Bar.

Y.U.M. This place had the most delicious food. EVER. We will probably go back tomorrow.

I may need to purchase an extra seat on the plane or at the very least, a seatbelt extension. 😉

We went back to the hotel to chill out until dinnertime and then headed back downtown for dinner.

Check out the temperature…still 105 degrees at 5:34. But it’s a dry heat! 😉

We ate dinner at Bess Bistro…the restaurant owned by Sandra Bullock.

We had a cool private booth with this beautiful chandelier in it. The decor in the restaurant was so pretty. And the shrimp and grits weren’t too shabby either!

So that’s it for day two. Shopping and eating and more eating. Yep, that about sums it up!

Tomorrow we’re going to the UT/Rice game. Should be fun!

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  1. Wow, BEAUTIFUL boots! I bought my first pair in Las Vegas years ago and it started an addiction. I have 5 pairs now, and I love everyone! Some of them aren’t even expensive, but they are all so much fun! They are perfect for early fleamarketing because they keep your feet dry and warm! If it makes you feel any better, we are melting up here in Illinois as well, but wow, 105, that’s brutal!

    September 2, 2011
  2. Having lived in Texas all my life, I guess I take rows and rows of boots for granted. I don’t own a single pair! I’ve had one pair of boots in my whole life! Lol

    Also, even Texans have been a little shocked at the heat we’ve had this summer. Not a whole lot shocked, but a little. I wouldn’t trade our hot summers for a hard northern winter for anything. You just gotta love all that sunshine and great swimming pool weather! The longer it’s really hot, the longer I can go out and float in my swimming pool in the evenings! The bummer part of the heat is the electric bill…$455 last month. Yuck!

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying your stay in Texas!

    September 3, 2011
  3. Phyllis Bruton #

    Yes. it’s a dry heat, but so is a blowtorch. Born and raised and gonna live here till I die, and this heat this year may kill me. Come back in the winter and you can wear shorts with a light jacket.

    September 3, 2011
  4. You’ve done so many fun things it’s hard to pick just one thing to comment on! First things first… really? a rubber chicken purse?? LOL I take it you won’t be heading home with one of those… I can’t believe you got to eat at Bess Bistro! I love Sandra Bullock and am glad her Bistro is a success. Those shrimp and grits sound so good! And what is it with stores like that … why are they so afraid to have you take pictures in their stores?? We have some like that in the city where I live and it just makes no sense to me. I mean, had they allowed it, and made the whole shopping experience wonderful – and not full of so many rules – they could’ve ended up with a lot of free advertising when you featured your shopping trip with them on your blog…. oh well… 🙂

    September 5, 2011

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