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Sorry I’ve been mia lately. Did ya miss me? πŸ˜‰

My hubby and I took a little mini-escape to our favorite city, the Big Apple. I would show you photos, but I didn’t take a camera. I wanted to just enjoy “being” and not so much “documenting.”

We saw three Broadway shows, ate at Ellen’s Stardust Diner (fun!), walked and walked and walked (and walked some more!), slept in every day, shopped (a tiny bit), ate (lots), hung out in Central Park (love), went to Mood Fabrics (I’m a Project Runway Junkie), watched the Wall Street protesters from our hotel window after they moved into Times Square, ate cupcakes from *Magnolia* bakery (yum), got drenched in the rain blocks from our hotel and looked like drowned rats (so much fun), and just had such a fun time.

Today, it’s back to crazy town everyday life and nearly-missed school busses. Ahhh, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My parents are here visiting and my mom wants to go to IKEA and Pottery Barn today. Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I guess I’ll take her. πŸ˜‰ I haven’t been to IKEA in a few months so I’m hoping to find some inspiration for a few projects. I am going to pick up a cheap rug or two to paint. And I need a few more byholma baskets.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Be back soon with some projects to share.


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  1. Mel #

    In fact, I was wondering where you were. I didn’t email you or comment ’cause i didn’t want you to think I was stalking you. LOL

    Glad to hear that you were away enjoying yourself.

    October 17, 2011
  2. I so enjoy your blog and referred it to the editors of Romantic Homes magazine. Let me know if you hear from them! Have a great week with your family….looking forward to your next project(s).

    October 17, 2011
  3. Oh my goodness sounds like a great time, it’s good to re-charge the honeymoon batteries. Your parents visit must mean they brought you a little something from your Florida trip???? Can’t wait to see what that is…..sure enjoy your blog and all your energy…I need some of your vitamins!

    October 17, 2011
  4. Never been to NYC, but would love to go one day =)

    October 17, 2011
  5. fun, fun…glad you didn’t bring the camera-we occassionally need down time and away from it all.
    and i’m with mom…ikea and pottery barn- what a great way to spend a day!
    (i’d have to add in whole foods-since that and ikea are two places we don’t have within 4 hours of us)

    October 17, 2011
  6. how funny!! hubs and i were in nyc this past week as well…..what a great place !! we walked and walked and walked and ate and ate and walked some more. stayed in times square… took the subway several times…saw the wall st occupied site…went to ground zero and the 9-11 memorial….did not get a cupcake from magnolia…sigh…too full of nyc cheesecake, i think. saw billy elliot on broadway…did two city tours…top of the rock, ellis island, and ATE some more. what a fabulous time we had…sounds like you did as well……definitely on the “go back” list to see some of the stuff we missed. i “did” take my camera and took over 1000 shots, lol. maybe i ran into you somewhere along our nyc paths……i will definitely “look” for you next time..

    October 17, 2011
    • I hoped you enjoyed Billy Elliot…my nephew plays Tony Elliot (Patrick Mulvey). We flew out this summer to see him…it’s an awesome show!

      October 21, 2011
  7. Weren’t you just in Florida? Did you need a get away from your last getaway?! LOL
    I’m just teasing you. I’m glad you had a great time. Have a wonderful visit with your parents! Try to hang in there as they drag you shopping. πŸ™‚

    October 18, 2011
  8. I lived in NYC for 13 years before moving to LA and I miss the city pretty much every day. Glad you had a great time and got a little break. What shows did you see (that’s the actor in me)?

    October 18, 2011
    • David, we saw How to Succeed in Business…with Daniel Radcliffe and John Laroquette—two thumbs up! Memphis—one thumb up. And Chicago—two thumbs up! Can’t wait to go back! Btw, I thought your part on free agents was great! Sad it’s cancelled but I know something else will come along.

      October 18, 2011

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