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matryoshka dolls

I’ve always had a thing for matryoshka, or russian nesting dolls. Maybe it’s the mom in me, or maybe it’s the fact that I so identify with their “shapely” figures? 😉

Anyhow, I picked up a few adorable sets last week. All in perfect condition, all stamped USSR on the bottom.

set of five

set of seven

and how flipping cute is the mama with her 10 chicks?

Tattered Tiques isn’t open for the next two weeks, but these will be in the shop the week after. They are $22 per set.

If any (or all) of these blow your skirt up, shoot me an email and I can ship them to you.

ALL are SOLD. Thanks!

Before I scoot, here are some of my favorite matryoshka doll things found on pinterest!

Source: via adamsblankie on Pinterest

Source: via Bernadette on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Vanina – Mother Crafter on Pinterest

Source: via Citlalli on Pinterest


{That is Russian for bye-bye} 🙂


nobody puts baby in the corner

I’m switching things up in our family room just a little bit. There was a dull little corner at the end of our mac daddy leather sectional.

Now, I love this sofa more than my luggage (Steel Magnolias) but it does make arranging/styling this room a little challenging. Because of the sea of dark leather and the dark hardwood floors, I’m trying to mix in some lighter pieces to balance it out.

For the past month or so, each time I’d go into Tattered Tiques I would stare at this little table. I love it. The size, the shape, the drawers, the casters, the pulls…ok so basically everything about it.

Yesterday I finally brought baby home and put her in the corner. Sorry, Johnny Castle.

I added a bronze PB lamp, a little hardware drawer (from TT, as well) and a pretty little topiary that I picked up at our nursery yesterday.

I recently gave our Mora clock a little makeover with some fresh Annie Sloan in Coco and Old White and put that in the corner as well.

Baby looks good in the corner and is having the time of her life.

Sorry, I’m bringin corny back. 😉

my top 5 tips for finding craigslist treasure!

I’ve got a friend named Craig…and he’s got this awesome list. 🙂

Here is my latest craigslist find. It’s a 1920’s doctors stool. Love.

I shared it on Facebook and had some people ask me how I find such good things.

So I thought I’d share My TOP 5 TIPS for finding treasures on craigslist.

1.  Craigseasy. If you do not use this free tool, then you are wasting tons of valuable time! Craigseasy makes it possible to search quickly by scrolling through photos rather than clicking on individual posts. Did I mention it’s FREE???

(more about how craigseasy works in number 3…)

2.  Search OFTEN.

If you pop on to craigslist once a month, chances are not that great that you will strike gold. It’s simple probability, people. Search often and your odds of finding treasure increase exponentially.

3. Search SMART.

Let’s say you are looking for vintage industrial stuff. First, go to and navigate to your location. On the left-hand side, enter your search terms in the box.

The reason I don’t go to the antiques, furniture or household categories is because I want to grab all of the vintage industrial stuff out there. I don’t limit my search unless I’m looking for something very specific.

Entering this search criteria, brought up 123 items for me. But I want to narrow it a bit. The best way to do this is to enter your top price. If you know you won’t pay more than a certain amount for a piece, then enter it so you don’t waste time weeding through more expensive pieces.

That cut the list down to 100 items and now it looks like this:

If I want to view these items, I will need to click on the links one at a time. VERY TIME CONSUMING!

But I use craigseasy, so here is how I view the items:

I can scroll through 100 items lickety-split!

4. CALL.

If there is a phone number on the listing and it’s a piece you REALLY want, CALL. Don’t email. That is how I got these pieces…

5. See the potential beyond the seller’s crappy photo.

99.9% of the photos that sellers post on craigslist are crap. Don’t dismiss items with potential because of that. Look beyond. Case in point…the original listing photo of my surveyor’s cabinet was horrible. It was taken inside of a garage and was very small and hard to make out the details. But through my squinting, I saw real potential there.

It paid off, because this is my favorite craigslist find ever.

Well, actually it’s probably a tie with this piece. Another craigslist find.

And here’s a bonus tip for you.  Always negotiate.

Always offer less, but do it as nicely as possible. For example, if I find a table that I like and they are asking $75, I will email and say…”Hi there. I’m very interested in the table that you have for sale on craigslist. Would you be willing to take $60 for it? If so, I can pick it up tomorrow.” Nine times out of ten, they accept. Occasionally, they will counter. Rarely people will say no. Then I decide whether it’s worth the full asking price to me.

So there you have it…my top tips for finding craigslist treasure. I hope it will help you score that wonderful piece you’ve been searching for!

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random thoughts on a snowy friday

1. We got a whopping amount of snow yesterday and last night.

2. You are probably tired of snow pics, but they are so pretty I can’t resist posting them. They are really for my mom (who loves the snow) and my southern peeps, so they can get a little “snow fix.”

3. Are you watching American Idol this season? I think it’s the most talented group they’ve ever had. I’m glad the hollywood shenanigans are over now, so we can get on to the good stuff.

4. I was praying for a snow day for my kids today. I love snow days.

5. I let my kids talk me into going to see “The Woman in Black” the other day. I do NOT enjoy scary movies. I do NOT like them, Sam I Am.

6. Pretty sure my screams were more entertaining than the movie itself. 🙂

7. My hubby’s been traveling all week and his flight home yesterday was cancelled. 😦

8. Speaking of traveling, Jake wants to go to Scotland for his graduation trip. We better get planning, considering it’s just three months away.

9. I used to get kind of annoyed when older moms would tell me to enjoy every second with my kids because the time would fly by. I just didn’t get it.

10. Now I do. When your kids are small, it feels like they’ll be small forever.

11. One day you are teaching them to ride their tiny little white and red bicycle with training wheels and the next you are watching them scrape the snow off of their car and drive away.

12. Now I’m the annoying older mom. And my advice to young moms who think they’ll be digging cheerios out of the carpet for the rest of their lives? Don’t blink. Soak it up. Hold tightly to those precious chubby hands.

13. On to cheerier thoughts…I snapped these photos around 6:45 this morning in my fuzzy pink polka dot robe and snow boots. I was a vision of loveliness. 😉 Reason #642 that I’m thankful that we don’t have neighbors.

14. Have I ever mentioned that my keyboard is Canadian? 🙂 We purchased this computer in Canada and so when I type words like favorite and neighbor, it auto corrects my spelling to add u’s after the o’s. It’s really annoying.

15. Speaking of spelling…I’m a really good speller. I came in second place in the fourth grade spelling bee. I lost on the word HELICOPTER to Pam Martin. As you can tell, I’ve never quite gotten over it. 😉

16. I pretty much want to re-decorate every room in my house right now. All at once. Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooped up too long and ready for spring? Or maybe I just need some Ritalin for my design ADD?

Well, that’s all the randomness I can muster up for now. If you are still awake, thanks for listening.

Have a happy weekend, everybody!

Ethel and Eunice gone wild!

This is a before, after and another after kind of post. Beware, it’ll get worse before it gets better.

I just styled the family room bookcases a few months ago. At the time I kind of liked them.

Now? I’m having one of those “what was I thinking” moments. Do you ever have those?

It wasn’t horrible. I did it back during my silhouette obsession of 2011.

I’m over it now.

pssttt…. Just in case you are in the midst of silhouette obsession 2012, this collection will be available next Wednesday! 🙂

On to the facelift. I found this beautiful black and white toile wallpaper that is very pricey at an exclusive boutique.

You know I’m just messin with ya, right? It’s contact paper from The Dollar Tree.

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Yep. One dollar a roll. Under $5 bucks to do the whole thing. That’s how I roll. Get it, roll? Moving on…

Once it was finished, I freaked. Not in a good way.

Suh-weet Potato Fries…that is HIDEOUS! Looks like Ethel and Eunice got into the cooking sherry and had themselves a little Grannies Gone Wild party.

Time to assess what it is that is “off.”

The crisp, clean “wallpaper” makes all the silhouettes and old books look dirty.  Get outta town, brown!

So I took everything down and started again. This time with photos (of people I actually know and love!) and some of my favorite things… clocks, books, numbers, silver and baskets.

This is my all-time favorite photo of my children back when they were munchkins. It was our Christmas card photo about 8 years ago. Sniff.

And here’s the after…Eunice and Ethel were kind of ticked that I messed up their handiwork. 😉

And because I love side by side comparisons…

I’m still plugging away on the sleeping porch project. It’s slow going because the dang, crazy weather here is not cooperating with my plans. We are supposed to get 4-9 inches of snow later today. That room is cold and I’m a wimp, so not much progress will be made.

I hope you local gals will visit Tattered Tiques this week. They are stuffed to the gills with amazing vintage goodness.

Are you working on any fun projects? How’s your weather? Do you have any spring break plans?

Talk to me…

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Wednesday’s Wares


Lots of vintage goodness this week! Click on the image above for a closer look.

vintage globes…$18 each     antique wash basin stand…$95     vintage chenille blanket…$24     assorted vintage linens…$1-$10     vintage hemmers…$12 vintage measuring tapes…$4     wooden numbered cubbies…$75     antique shipping trunk…$225     patisserie sign…$24     44 Vintage hankies…$2 each or $80 for all.

These items will all be available at Tattered Tiques this week. Click the link for days and hours.

As always, if you aren’t local and see something you have to have…shoot me an email and I can ship to you. Sorry, but I can’t ship furniture or globes.

For your convenience (& mine) 😉 I’m now accepting payments through paypal.

Hang on…Friday’s just around the corner! 😉

p.s. M&M Facebook followers get the Wednesday’s Wares preview on Tuesdays. Just sayin. 🙂

the in-between

There’s nothing like a good before and after. But I also enjoy seeing the in-between…where progress has been made, but there is more to do. Hopefully, so do you. Because this sleeping porch project is not going to be my usual badda bing, badda boom, lickity-split makeover. It’s going to take some time.

So my boys did a fantastic job emptying out the sleeping porch on Friday. Since then, I’ve been painting and painting and painting and painting and painting and painting.

I decided to paint the beadboard walls and ceiling with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Pure White.”

I went through 2 quarts pretty quickly and I’m at a standstill until I get more!

That is only the first coat but I love the fresh white.

Boy, oh boy are these windows going to be fun to paint! There are nine of them in the main room and seven more in the little room off of the main room.

The little room is going to become my photo studio. A dedicated room where I can leave my tripod, lights and staging stuff and where I’ll photograph all of the vintage goodies I sell.

The light up here? fuggedaboutit…so pretty.

Remember this french bed that I found at Salvation Army in Canada last year (for $69.99)?

It’s been out in the barn. Now, in the original post I said I wouldn’t paint it. Not sure what that was about, but this baby food strained peas color is gross. So paint it, I did. (That sounded very YODA-ish, huh?) 😉

Here it is after one coat of AS “Old White.”  You wanna know the best thing about Annie Sloan chalk paint???

The SECOND coat! Cause after the first coat, you are kind of going….this is not looking so hot.

And then after the second coat dries, you are like BAM! Hello, gorgeous!

Don’t mind the side rails…they aren’t going to show so I didn’t want to waste paint with a second coat.

This pretty armoire was a  Craigslist find from a few months ago and has been out in the barn. The paint was pretty dinged up, so I gave it a fresh coat of Annie Sloan Old White and painted the inside with Annie Sloan Duck Egg. (after photos coming soon)

In case you are wondering why I’m using different whites on the walls and furniture…I don’t want the room to feel sterile, or Shutter-Islandish (as Jake calls it). So I plan to use varying shades of whites and creams to create depth.

I picked up this chippy  library table and wonderful iron sign last week at Steeplechase Antiques. I love the cool shade of blue that’s in the sign…I’m going to have hints of this color in the accessories.

Now I’m on the lookout for a large rug and a chandelier for the room.

A vintage tole chandelier is what I want…but they are hard to find reasonably priced.

Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

The closest rug I’ve found is this one from Dash & Albert. It’s the Swedish Cotton Stripe. I love the airiness of  it.

If you have any great sources for rugs or chandeliers, I’m all ears.

Things should come together pretty quickly once I get the painting finished. If I ever get the painting finished!

I’m going to enjoy having the kids home today…maybe we’ll get to the movies!

Enjoy your day, peeps. 🙂

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